Hi, I'm Jared Swets!

About Me

I am a fullstack developer familiar with Go on the backend and JS(vanilla, ReactJS)/HTML/CSS on the frontend. I specialize in creating clean designs with great performance.

I have experience in Linux Server Administration and Web Hosting with Nginx.

This website was built with a modified Bulma CSS and AlpineJS.


Familiar with React Hooks, Material-UI, react-router, axios.
Able to fetch data from a backend and pass props around either manually or with Redux.
Good grasp on using HTML and CSS to create modify websites. Able to create responsive websites.
Basic knowledge of using SASS to compile CSS.
Able to use vanilla JS to modify HTML.
Familiar with AlpineJS and React to create a fully featured website.
Experienced at creating API backends using Go and the Echo framework.
Have created both REST and websocket APIs.